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The Top Ten Beginners Snakes

This table is a rough guide to advise those that are thinking of getting a snake which ones are suitable for a beginner. The easiest are at the top of the table. The further down the table you go the more difficult, skittish or aggressive they are likely to be.
  Common & Scientific Name Comments
1 Corn Snakes
Elaphe Guttata
2 Rat Snakes
Elaphe species
3 King Snakes
Lampropeltus Getulus
These snakes are my favourites, plenty of colour variations avaliable, generally very easy to keep.
4 Milk Snakes
Lampropeltus Triangulum
5 Garter Snakes
Thamnophis Sirtalis
6 Pine Snakes
Pituophis Melanoleucus
7 Ball Python
Python Regius
8 Rosy Boa
Lichanura Trivirgatai
9 Rainbow Boa
Epicrates species
10 Red Tailed Boa
Boa Constrictor

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Last Updated: 04 April 2007