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The Ten Worst Snakes

This table is a rough guide to advise those that are thinking of getting a snake which ones are most bad tempered and dangerous. The worst are at the top of the table. The further down the table you go the less difficult, skittish or aggressive they are likely to be. All of the snakes listed on this page are for the experts only! This information was supplied by Chris Mattison a well respected author of a number of books on snakes. If you have contradictory evidence then please feel free to e-mail me the details.
  Common & Scientific Name Comments
1 Any Venomous Snake
2 Any Wild Caught Snake
3 Reticulated Python
Python Reticulatus
Some keepers suggest these snakes can be quite docile, the trick is to make sure they have been fed recently.
4 Burmese Python
Python Molurus Bivittatusi
5 Anaconda
Eunectes Murinus
6 Green Snakes
Opheodrys species
7 Hog-nosed Snakes
Heterodon species
8 Water Snakes
Nerodia species
9 Ringneck Snakes
Diadophis Punctatusi
10 Racer Snakes
Coluber Constrictor

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Last Updated: 04 April 2007