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If you have some Snake pictures that you would like to display here then please send them to me. The owner of the picture will be credited. My aim is to make this the definitive site for information and pictures of snakes. Your help would be very welcome in achieving this goal.

If you have a suitable link that you would like added, then please drop me a line with the details.


The Snake Gallery  


How to, and More Importantly, How NOT to Treat a Snakebite.
- Some basic but sound advise on snakebite.

Skinks get the message when snakes are about
- Who says that fear isn't passed on...

The Hunt For The Big Snake
- Interesting extract from the book...

The Evolution of Snakes  
- A though provoking article from Lenny Flank.

- An excellent article by Lenny Flank that anyone thinking of getting a Boa should read!

Venomous Snakes
- A list of the venomous snakes of the World

Oddities - Man Eating Snakes!
- Very unusual pictures, allegedly of man eating snakes
- Parental Discretion Advised - Not for the squeamish!

Oddities - Zig-Zags at the Zoo
- Another article on snakes. This is from the Strand Magazine published over 100 years ago, and details the snakes at London Zoo.

Oddities - Snake Charming
- Another article on snakes. This is from the another Magazine published over 100 years ago about snake-charming.

Oddities - Marinelli, the Man Snake
- A very unusual article of a man snake, published over 100 years ago.

The Ten Best Snakes

The Ten Worst Snakes

The Ten Most Venomous Snakes

Care Sheets

Caring for Snakes.

Caring for Kingsnakes.

Starting with Snakes. 

American Copperheads Care Sheet

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