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(26 April 1998)

Thai Monk Seeks Lottery Help from Snake Eggs

BANGKOK, A Buddhist monk in eastern Thailand stole the unhatched eggs of two snakes, claiming he could determine the winning lottery numbers from them, but police made him take them back, police said on Sunday.

News that two boa constrictors were hatching their eggs on a hill in Wangnamyen district of Sakhaew province last week drew hundreds of people, many of who believed they could divine the winning digits of the next lottery from the eggs, police said.

"The monk said that he could read and interpret the lottery number from the eggs...," police said, adding that "he has returned the eggs."

Puchong also urged police to erect barbed wire around the boas' hole to prevent people from disturbing the snakes and to safeguard the eggs.

The underground lottery - trying to guess the last three digits of the legal, government-run lottery held twice a month - is enormously popular in Thailand, with millions of people placing small bets.

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