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Daily Telegraph 28th July 1999

Mother's poison spider ordeal

A WOMAN described yesterday how she thought she was in a horror film when her husband discovered more than 100 poisonous spiders in their garden. Tina East, 23, of Gosport, Hants, said that she feared for the safety of her 18-month-old twin daughters Sophie and Jessica despite assurances from experts that the spiders, although distant relatives of the Black Widow, were not deadly.

She said: "They're very creepy. They're not lethal but they can give you a nasty bite. I'm worried about my daughters. If they were bitten by just one they would be all right but who knows what could happen if they were bitten by lots of them?" The spiders (Steatoda Nobilis) are thought to have come from the Canary Islands but it is not known how they got into the Easts' garden.

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