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Reuters (30 June 1998)

Snakes in the Sewage of Europe

A popular urban myth is that alligators inhabit the New York sewage system. Meanwhile Paris has its own
Phantom in its aqua arteries but Britain is not far behind in the sewage glamour stakes. Snakes, lawnmowers, motorbikes, dentures and toupees are on the list of items found lurking in Britain's 212,500 miles of sewers, says the 'Guardian'.

A report by Water UK reveals pornographic photographs, "jostle with Action Man, mattresses, jail keys and a 5ft tall toy gorilla". Not all in the same pipe, you understand. Three 15ft Boa Constrictors were fished out after people had flushed them down the toilet along with a 9ft Python. To quell any hysteria, the reptiles were dead but not so the live terrapins, salamanders, sea trout, salmon, eels and frogs. For any of you wondering how lawnmowers got in the system, larger items were stuffed down manhole covers and not flushed down the toilets. That would just be silly.

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