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Sunday People, October 25, 1998

Sick! Scorpion yo-yo is branded a no-no

Scorpions sealed in yo-yos are set to become a sick new twist to the toy mania currently sweeping Britain.

The 8 gimmicks, called Stingers have been passed safe by Euro watchdogs because the creatures inside are dead.

But there are fears the scorpions may still have their venom and could harm youngsters if they pull the yo-yos apart.

And the RSPCA said the Mexican-made novelties, which glow in the dark, are "in extremely poor taste" and urged a boycott.

Spokeswoman Ros Varnes said: "We're worried about the effect on impresionable young minds. And we're very concerned about the lack of care towards the scorpions."

The Entertainer toy chain has bought 3,000 of the yo-yos. Boss Gary Grant said: "They are perfectly safe."

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