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27/4/99 Sun

It's Either Me or Your 59 Tarantulas....

BUG-HATING Jane Alford was so scared of her boyfriend's collection of 59 tarantulas she gave him  the ultimatum:

It's them or me.

And she was horrified when he opted for the huge spiders.

Jane, 32, felt sure Neal McClimon, 31, would give up the creatures for her.

Instead, he packed his bag and hairy eight-legged pals and moved out of the semi he shared with her for eight months. Furious Jane said last night: 'I couldn't believe he has put those hairy horrible things before his lover. It is bad enough when you find a spider in the bath.


"But having 59 tarantulas in the house would give any-one nightmares.

Jane, from Telford, Shropshire, added: "I told him it's either them or me - and he moved out.

"It wasn't just the fact that I'm arachnophobic. Neal wouldn't stop going on about spiders. He's obsessed. It's like him having a load of mistresses, only all with eight legs."

Jobless Neal began collecting the creatures - which have a non-lethal bite - eight years ago. At one point he had TWO HUNDRED.

He said: "I love spiders because they are so timid and misunderstood. 'I realise now I was a bit of a spider bore.

'Now the way back to Jane's heart will probably be to lodge the tarantulas at a friend's house. "

The couple's bizarre break-up will feature in an ITV documentary, Pets From Hell, on May 5 (1999).

Link to full story with picture.

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