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Arachnid Information and Other Articles

Tarantula/Scorpion Care Sheets  
- You asked for them, so here they are....

The Tarantula FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
- Start Here!

Basic Tarantula Care (ATS)
- Some good advice from the crew at the ATS.

Basic Tarantula Care Sheet - Stanley Shultz
- A nice introductory article on care of the humble 'Rosie', which is quite often the first tarantula many start the hobby with.

The Top Ten Beginners Tarantulas
- Want to know what's best to start with?

The Ten Worst Tarantulas
- Tarantulas to avoid, unless you are an expert. These guys have attitude problems!

Introduction To Arachnids (Tarantulas and Scorpions) - Martin Overton UPDATED
- Great introduction to tarantulas and scorpions, and some things you probably didn't know. Great for kids of all ages!

Tarantulas Dangerousness - Christophe Lallier NEW
- Good article on tarantula venom and urticating hairs.

Treating Urticating Hair Allergic Reactions (or Why Handling Tarantulas is NOT advised) - Martin Overton NEW
- A controversial article on tarantula handling and the problems it can cause.

Out of Africa - Thomas Ezendam
- One man's experience with a common African spider he'll never forget...

Why? Urticating Hairs - Jon-Paul Lamouroux 
- Why do New-World tarantulas have urticating hairs?

(Review) "The Tarantula Keepers Guide"  
- A review of the excellent new book offered by Stan & Marguerite Schultz.

The A to Z of Spiders - Carl Portman 
- A poem that covers spider from A to Z.

Whip Scorpions - Jason Dunlop 
- Excellent article on another strange member of the arachnid clan. Also known as vinegaroones.

Drugged Spiders - Michael Summerfield
- An interesting article on what strange things NASA get up to with the American taxpayers money.

Solifugids - Captive Management & Identification - Vince Hull-Williams 
- An interesting and useful article on these unusual arachnids, known under many names: Sun Spiders, Camel Spiders, Wind Scorpions....

(Review) "Tarantulas In Captivity" - Ann Webb
- A review of new concept of Tarantula Book offered by Dr Bustard.

(Review) "The Tarantula" - Peter Kirk
- Read a review of a recently re-published book considered a Classic.

(Review) "An Introduction to the Tarantulas of South East Asia A Study of the Genus Haplopelma" - Guy Tansley
A review of a good book on the Haplopelma genus of Tarantulas written by Ray Hale.

Humidity for Tarantulas - Dr. Robert Bustard
- An interesting article on how best to ensure that you have the correct humidity for your tarantulas, great do's and dont's.

So who was responsible for the Theraphosidae? - Jason Dunlop
- Ever wondered where the name Theraphisidae came from and who was responsible? Well this article gives you the low-down on the whole saga.

Tarantula Care Sheets
- Excellent set of guides for new keepers from the British Tarantula Society.

Top Tarantula Tips - Richard C. Gallon
- More tarantula tips than you can shake a stick at!

First Aid for Your Sipder - Paul Carpenter
- Great article on common accidents and therapies for your tarantulas.

(Review) The Book of the Spider - Paul Carpenter
- Read this review on a very good spider book.

(Review) Tarantula Spiders Tarantulas of the U.S.A.and Mexico - Peter Kirk
- If you buy one book on American tarantulas, then but this one.

Spiderling, Juvenille, Sub-Adult - Paul Carpenter
- How do you tell the difference? Read this article and find out how!

Social Behaviour & Feeding Implications in the South Indian Ornamental - Robert Bustard and Mick Deaville
- Got a P. Regalis? If you have then read this excellent article.

Cast-skin Sex Determination of Tarantulas: A 'What To Look For' Guide - Guy Tansley
- Sex, Sex, Sex!!! Now you can learn how to tell the difference between a male and female tarantula.

The Patter of Eight Tiny Feet - Martin Overton
- So you thought that keeping spiderlings was difficult? Read this article to find out the truth.

CIA, KGB? No. Much, Much Worse - Martin Overton
- Danger, action! I was being interrogated ... Who were these people?

Urticating Hairs - Jean Michel Verdez (France)
- Just what is the danger from urticating hairs, are they dangerous or is the perceived risk just so much hot air?

A Beast of Prey
- This article is over 100 years old and covers that much feared beast; the Garden Spider!

Savaged by a Teddy Bear or Remember Tarantulas are Wild Creatures - Martin Overton
- This article discusses the atypical behaviour of some of the so-called docile species.

Fancy these GALS? - Martin Overton
- A brief introduction to the GALS (Giant African Land Snails).

How do Spiders Grow?
- The age old question, at last here is the answer you've been looking for.

Where the Name Tarantula Came From?
- The age old question, at last here is the answer you've been looking for.

How do Spiders Spin a Web?
- The age old question, at last here is the answer you've been looking for.

 Why Doesn't a Spider Get Stuck in it's Own Web?
- The age old question, at last here is the answer you've been looking for.

How Does a Tarantula Hear Even Though it Has No Ears?
- The age old question, at last here is the answer you've been looking for.

How Long do Spiders Live?
- The age old question, at last here is the answer you've been looking for.

What is the Biggest Spider in the World?
- The age old question, at last here is the answer you've been looking for.

What is the Smallest Spider in the World?
- The age old question, at last here is the answer you've been looking for.

What is the Most Venomous Spider in the World?
- The age old question, at last here is the answer you've been looking for.

Can You Catch Arachnophobia?
- The age old question, at last here is the answer you've been looking for.

How Do You Cure Arachnophobia?
- The age old question, at last here is the answer you've been looking for.

How Many Spiders are there in the World?
- The age old question, at last here is the answer you've been looking for.

How do Spiders Make Venom?
- The age old question, at last here is the answer you've been looking for.

Why are Tarantulas Sometimes Called Bird-Eating or Baboon Spiders?
- The age old question, at last here is the answer you've been looking for.

Sun, Wind Scorpions aka Solufigids - Martin Overton  
- A detailed article on these oddest of arachnids...

Choosing a tarantula for all the Wrong Reasons - Luc Ross 
- Great article for those that are thinking about getting a tarantula...

The Pros and Cons of Getting a Tarantula (or how to convince your family that tarantulas make great pets!)  
- Here's some great reasons for keeping these fascinating creatures.

The Book of the Spider - J. Henri Fabre 
- An interesting book on common spiders...

What About Us:- The forgotten Tarantulas of the Hobby - Luc Ross
- Can you remember the first tarantula species you kept? Well, here's an article by Luc on those species from the early days of the hobby...

Poecilotheria: The "Undying" Genus - Luc Ross 
- Another excellent article from Luc on these wonderful New World Arboreals...

British Spiders - Martin Overton 
- A quick guide to some of the spiders commonly found in the United Kingdom. This is an ongoing project...

A Gentle Giant: Lasiodorides polycuspulatus - Luc Ross 
- Another excellent article from Luc on this New World Arboreal that's gaining followers in the hobby...

How to Get Rid of Spiders.....Humanely! - Martin Overton
- Wondering just how to remove spiders from your home, or stop them from coming in in the first place? You might find some answers in this article.....

Anthropological Studies of Divination with Spiders
- This page presents a simulation of the Mambila system of nggm 'spider divination'....

OUT OF THE TREE-TOPS: Housing and Care of New World Arboreals of the Genera Avicularia, Iridopelma, Psalmopoeus,and Tapinauchenius. - by Lucian "Luc" Ross
- A thought provoking article on the care and housing of arboreal tarantulas....

A Spider Web Cake
- Scare up some fun at your Halloween party with a Chocolate Spider Web Cake...

Arachnid and Snake Spoofs, Urban Legends, Hoaxes and Other Odd Stories.
- Here are some strange stories, some are true others are pure fiction. The Truth Is Out There!

Origami Spider and Tarantula
- Here's something to do on a wet weekend.

To be or not to be (A Member Of An Arachnid Society)
- Why should you be a member of an arachnid society? Well here are some reasons....

Scorpions of the Pilannesberg National Park
- Excellent article about South African Scorpions.

Nephila of Southern Africa
- Great article on the Nephila spiders of South Africa.

- Bites and stings causing clinically significant reactions in humans occur throughout the world on a regular basis....

When The Male IS Deadlier Than The Female - by Martin Overton
- Funnel Web spiders, just what is the truth about the male's venom?

Some Clarification on 'Hobo's Know For Bad Attitude' - by Antonio Ariza Morena
- Excellent article explaining why T. agrestis is such a problem in the US but not a problem in Europe.

Spiders and Water do Mix - by Martin Overton
- Ever wondered just which spiders are water babies? Read this for some answers!

The Bolas spider (Cladomelea longipes) A Fatal Attraction? - by Antonio Ariza Moreno
- A great article on a unique spider that uses silk in a very unusual way!

Heaters are for Heating, NOT Cooking! - by Martin Overton
-How do you keep your pets warm, without cooking them? Here's a few suggestions to get you started.

The Whistling / Barking spider (Selenocosmia crassipes) - Elanor Mahon
- Some good information about this remarkable spider from Australia (Woof!!).

The never-ending substrate debate - by Martin Overton
-Confused about the best substrate for your pets? Well here's the answers you've been looking for.

Delena cancerides, the spider of "Arachnophobia" - by David Rowell
-Always wondered what spiders they used in the film Arachnophobia? Well here's the answer you've been looking for.

Arachnids in Literature
- Snippets and whole stories about arachnids from many authors.

Greek Mythology
- The story of Arachne from Greek Mythology, how she became a spider, three versions for your delectation.

Poems, Verses and Nonsense Rhymes
- Funny, witty, interesting, whatever you think of it - here it is!

Arachnophobia - A Real Success Story
- A real life success story of someone that overcame their fear of spiders.

Food for Thought?
- Just what can you feed your arachnids with, read this for some surprising ideas.

Media News Clipping
- Arachnid and snake related news articles from the news media companies, don't take these too seriously.

Tarantula Subfamilies/Genera
- A full list of all the Tarantula Families and Sub-families. Updated Regularly!

Tarantula Anatomy
-Want to know what the parts of a tarantula are called? Look no further.

Poisonous Spiders 
- A short guide from the University of Florida, Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences, some errors in the information, but otherwise useful.

Tarantulas in defensive stances
- Signs to watch out for in tarantulas. This may stop you from getting bitten.

Venomous Spiders 
- Quick guide to spiders that are venomous to humans. Not a tarantula in sight!

Lunch Anyone?
- This is for you if you really want to get your teeth into something.

Arachnophobia, How To Overcome It
- Diane Blackman's guide to overcoming the fear of spiders.

- Just what is it, and how do you say it without tripping over your tongue!

Spiders Considered Medically Important
- What spiders are considered medically significant, which ones to avoid and why.

Fancy Meeting This Character in the Bath
- An interesting article on a potential World-Record spider!!!

Successful Breeding with Ceratogyrus darlingii
- How to do it properly, mating spiders that is.

Mating Problems with the King Baboon
- A good article on the issues that you can face when mating tarantulas.

The Tarantula in the Heavens
- Tarantulas in Space?

Tarantula of the Gods
- Was this created for the Gods to view, for little green men, or is it the worlds largest spider doodle?

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